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April 2020
view of a lit place with christmas market stalls and lights
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 2 The holidays are approaching! To get in the Christmas mood, we have selected 5 Christmas markets in European cities that are perfect for wheelchair users. You haven’t decided yet what to give the people you love for Christmas? Take advantage of it. In many european cities...
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a round bread loaf shaped christmas cake with icing sugar bits on top
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 2 Christmas and New year’s Eve are approaching quickly and everywhere special delicacies are being prepared to be shared with families and friends. Discover the 5 must-taste specialties of your next holiday. Belgium and The Netherlands In Belgium, one of the main Christmas specialties is the cougnou. This sweet...
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Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 2 Getting to the beach and taking a plunge in the sea for severely disabled people can be a challenge: meet the associations that are making it possible in Italy. Going to the beach in Italy, at least for those living along the roughly 7500 km of...
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young guy in a wheelchair at a rock concert being carried on top of the crowd
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 2 Improving the accessibility of a venue, be it a concert venue, a club, a restaurant or a museum, can be a challenge. Sometimes this is due to the characteristics of the building (historical locations where you cannot interfere with the existing structure), but sometimes, in countries...
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a colourful street in perpignan
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 2 On the border with Spain, at a crossroads of cultures and identities, Perpignan was in the 13th century the capital of the kingdom of Majorca, and still bears today some notable architectural buildings and a charming city centre. There is a lot to do here! A visit to the city is a must,...
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view of the famous promenade des anglais in Nice seen from the landmark hotel
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 2 The French Riviera is a wonderful destination and it is one that you can enjoy best in Spring and Autumn… unless you love crowds and then it’s perfect in the High Season (July and August). Expect it to be more pricey, but a lot of fun of course!...
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view of the bruges canal from a bridge
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 2 Bruges is a small jewel: once a powerful and rich city dedicated to trade, it became one of the largest Hanseatic cities and lived its most prosperous era between the 12th and the 15th century. Afterwards the city’s trade leadership was lost to Antwerp but the beautiful medieval architecture...
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view of some of the houses in the grande place in Brussels
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 2 Brussels is the capital of many things: of Belgium, of the Flemish region, of the Brussels – Capital region and although the European Union has no official capital, most of its institutions are based here. Officially a bilingual city (French and Flemish), it hosts a vibrant...
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a cobblestone street of ghent all lit up with people having drinks
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 2 “Proud and rebellious”, as the locals like to define it, Gent is a city with an important history and a lively and extremely enjoyable contemporary lifestyle. In the Middle Ages Gent grew to become one of the most important cities of Northern Europe: dedicated to the highly profitable wool trade, it...
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view of cologne from the bridge towards the famous cathedral
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 2 Cologne is the largest city in the German federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth-largest city in Germany . It is also a major cultural centre with more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries. Exhibitions range from local ancient Roman archeological sites to contemporary graphics and sculpture. Cologne is also a city highly accessible...
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