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April 2020
young lady in a wheelchair and other lady walking together on the cobblestone streets of leuven
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 3 An ode to Leuven by one of its long time residents: Pieter Ghijsels, Accessibility Manager of the tourism board Visit Flanders. Peter tells us about his relationship with this charming historical city and the research and access evaluations which led to the publication of the brand new accessibility guide of...
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a park in mechelen with a giant yellow statue of a man fallen on his back
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 3 This article is by Pieter Ghijsels, Accessible Tourism Product Manager @Visit Flanders – thank you Pieter! Situated between its bigger sisters Brussels and Antwerp, Mechelen is probably the least-known art city of Flanders. But its rich history and vivid present make it more than worthwhile to visit....
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japanese girl dressed with a bright pink kimono looking out of a window
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 3 For this very special Accessible Travel Guide we have partnered up with THE GUY who really knows the country from a wheelchair user’s point of view.  Meet Josh Grisdale, author of the essential guide to Japan for travellers with disability: accessible-japan.com.  Born in Canada, Josh moved to Tokyo...
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lisbon seen from above
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 3 Lisbon is a charming city: the colours, the light, the architecture and the people, a splendid mix of warmth and surprises for those who venture to visit. Why venture? Because the city is not the most accessible place in Europe for people using a wheelchair: a...
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a canal in venice seen from a bridge
Home » Archives for April 2020 » Page 3 Venice is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.We have seen a thousand films set in the city’s incredible streets and canals, we have in our eyes the paintings of Canaletto depicting this city, once very powerful and rich, and today one of the top...
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