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Adrenaline ideas to spice up your Saint Valentine’s day

view of cadama at sea, the wheelchair accessible vintage vessel
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If you have had enough of romantic candlelit dinners and you want to give your love life a shake, we have some ideas for you, you’ll fly, slide, swim and love! 
Happy Saint Valentine’s day from the team of Destination Everywhere. 

For very special wild Valentines

Want to take your loved one for a lifetime experience?  You can do paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting and camp out in the wild in New Zealand with our partner Making Trax. Jezza Williams, founder of this wild and fun travel company, will take you out there and in perfect safety, as he  tests everything beforehand himself. 
No risk of losing your Valentine after you’ve jumped from a plane with a parachute, you’ll get her/him back once you arrive on the ground. 

Dream park in Brasil?

If you want to have an experience off track in Bresil you have to stop in Socorro, in the state of São Paulo. Socorro is a small country town where the Parque dos Sonhos (Park of dreams) is located. Here you’ll find all sorts of outdooors activities adapted for people who have a disability, from horseriding to ziplining to hiking on a joelette. They also have lovely chalets completely adapted for adventurers who use a wheechair, so after a day of doing crazy things you can have that romantic dinner (or just fall asleep like a stone from exhaustion).

Ziplining in Slovenia

What was that you said? Ziplining? If you want to try that in Europe you have to go to the Slovenian Alps, where the biggest and most famous ski jump station is. In the same place, you can try ziplining, compete for which of you two screams louder, and then go and eat your local cakes in the nearby lake villages of Bled. This charming lake with the island in the middle will make your hearts warm and you will feel like the characters of a Slovenian fairy tale. No Limits tours takes you to both.

Love on the slopes

If you two are sporty people, or mountain lovers, or both, well you should take a ski holiday together and choose your preferred adaptive way: standing, sitting, with a guide, we have 12 destinations for you to explore in our articles on adaptive ski in Europe.

On the sea (but not like in Titanic)

Let’s plan something sunny for you two now, or maybe something sunny to do with your friends too: a maximum of 7 people plus the on board team will take you out to explore the best corners of the Mediterranean sea on Cadamà, a stylish vintage vessel completely adapted to wheelchair users and their friends. You can rent the boat for a weekend or a full week, and watch a lot of sunsets with your Valentine.

This article was researched and written by Thomas Ardui in a romantic but mostly adventurous mood.

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