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Accessible Travel Guides

little girl in a wheelchair having fun splashing at the water park
Home » Accessible Travel Guides Morgan’s Inspiration Island is the world’s first ultra-accessible splash park where guests of all ages and abilities can get wet and have fun together.  The park is located in Northeast San Antonio next to 25-acre Morgan’s Wonderland, the first-of-its-kind-in-the-world theme park.  The two parks were created by Gordon Hartman, 46, a former San Antonio...
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a surfing instructor and a small kid on the surf board in the sea
Home » Accessible Travel Guides At Surfers healing, kids with autism can learn how to surf. Teacher and soon-to-be surfers paddle out together on tandem boards to catch the waves that come their way. That’s what they do; that’s what they love. That is what makes them especially good at what they are doing. On the...
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a group of surfers with mixed abilities powing at the beach with surf boards on the back
Home » Accessible Travel Guides The surf school Special Surf 78 is a consolidated surf school, well known and respected in Peniche, Portugal, for the high quality of their work and for their adaptive surf experience.  The school was created and is managed by the two brothers Edgar and Nuno, local surfers born and raised in Peniche. They are Phisical...
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Home » Accessible Travel Guides Munich is a city of which the locals are very, very proud. Whether you speak to those who were born here, or the many who have been “adopted” by the rich capital of Bavaria, it is a general chorus of all-wonderful things about the quality of life, and also the...
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four people in wheelchair doing the little train on the beach pathways and having fun
Home » Accessible Travel Guides You know that Italy is shaped like a boot, right? Deep down, at the end of its heel, lies Salento, spread out over the provinces of Lecce and Taranto (and a bit of Brindisi too) – and it is a real gem. The fields of red earth, green olive trees, blue sea and villages of white stone houses...
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a colourful street in perpignan
Home » Accessible Travel Guides On the border with Spain, at a crossroads of cultures and identities, Perpignan was in the 13th century the capital of the kingdom of Majorca, and still bears today some notable architectural buildings and a charming city centre. There is a lot to do here! A visit to the city is a must, but there is also...
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view of the famous promenade des anglais in Nice seen from the landmark hotel
Home » Accessible Travel Guides The French Riviera is a wonderful destination and it is one that you can enjoy best in Spring and Autumn… unless you love crowds and then it’s perfect in the High Season (July and August). Expect it to be more pricey, but a lot of fun of course! We love the French...
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view of the bruges canal from a bridge
Home » Accessible Travel Guides Bruges is a small jewel: once a powerful and rich city dedicated to trade, it became one of the largest Hanseatic cities and lived its most prosperous era between the 12th and the 15th century. Afterwards the city’s trade leadership was lost to Antwerp but the beautiful medieval architecture remained almost intact. Throughout...
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view of some of the houses in the grande place in Brussels
Home » Accessible Travel Guides Brussels is the capital of many things: of Belgium, of the Flemish region, of the Brussels – Capital region and although the European Union has no official capital, most of its institutions are based here. Officially a bilingual city (French and Flemish), it hosts a vibrant multilingual community of foreigners...
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a cobblestone street of ghent all lit up with people having drinks
Home » Accessible Travel Guides “Proud and rebellious”, as the locals like to define it, Gent is a city with an important history and a lively and extremely enjoyable contemporary lifestyle. In the Middle Ages Gent grew to become one of the most important cities of Northern Europe: dedicated to the highly profitable wool trade, it was second in size...
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