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Why Destination Everywhere?


Eleonora with a pink hiking backpack and a beige capHi, I am Eleonora, I was born in Rome, Italy and later moved to Brussels, Belgium, where in 2017 I launched Destination Everywhere.
Before then, I had worked in communication and marketing, mainly for cultural organisations or tourism destinations, where I always brought an accessibility-oriented approach. Starting up a company entirely dedicated to travel, accessibility and inclusion was a rather natural passage. 


In 2016, after deciding I wanted to become a nature guide, I started a training thatE would give me an official certification. At the end of this 3 year long program was an exam, where I had to present an original itinerary in some Belgian natural park. I like a challenge, and I like it when things are open for everyone, so my idea was to prepare an itinerary that could be enjoyed by people with a mobility or sensory disability. It was not an activity that people with a disability did easily and I saw that very few options were available.
Unfortunately, I have never had any sense of direction, and rely on Google Maps to go anywhere.  After a year I had a reality check and gave up on the idea of taking people in the woods, as I was not entirely sure I would be able to actually bring them back home.
That’s when I decided to find people around the world who effectively knew how to do that, and from nature to every other thing that can be experienced, the idea grew to include all kinds of tourism acitivites. Destination Everywhere was born. It would become an online catalogue of accessible and inclusive tour operators.

The company grows

In 2018 Marco joined the project: thanks to his initial investment – and always wise advice – we created together a proper company which was able to grow and develop a wider offer of tours. Since then, the company has specialised in finding all the inclusive and accessible tourism services that are available – and often very well hidden -around the world. In the process we have also aquired a profound expertise when it comes to creating inclusive content and marketing strategies.

The Covid pandemic has of course impacted the company: from 2020 we have paused all tours and decided to use the expertise we had acquired to support companies on how to communicate with the public with disabilities. We now have a small core team, highly specialised and able to consult and deliver any project on inclusive travel and communication, thanks also to our wide network of partners and experts around the globe. 


Our goal is to make the world a better place by helping the travel sector become a driving force for inclusion

  • We empower specialised accessible tour operators by helping them promote their offer
  • We empower the travel sector by helping companies create accessible travel packages
  • We empower DMOs and tourism boards worldwide by helping them showcase their inclusive and accessible destinations

The team

Eleonora Censorii

Founder and Director

Marco Canali


Thomas Ardui

Destination Scout & Greeter
Our favourite experts

Accessible Travel partners

All around the world a bunch of crazy people have been creating holidays and tours that are adapted for people of all abilities. At Destination Everywhere, we love them. Most of our partners are local tour operators that know their area and that know about accessibility. They also work regularly with local organisations, companies and hotels, teaching them how to make their spaces and services more accessible and their staff more disabled-friendly. Our colleagues around the world are ethically sound and environmentally aware experts with rich skillsets and a human, smiling approach.

Destination Everywhere has network of professionals that can help any company or organisation around the world understand the accessible travel market, reach the travellers with special needs with highly targeted content, and grow their business. We are here for you. 

Do you want to empower your company to become more inclusive?

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