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Giulia posing on her wheelchair and leaning on the marble

Making the world more inclusive one step at the time: PromoTurismoFVG, the regional board of tourism of the Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia, with the strategic support of Destination Everywhere, launched an inclusive tourism campaign featuring accessible travel blogger Giulia Lamarca. Giulia visited the region for three days, to experience the accessible experiences and adapted sailing during the 52nd edition of the Barcolana regatta.

It is a pleasure to announce the conclusion of a project that Destination Everywhere prepared with the regional Board of Tourism of the Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia, (PromoTurismoFVG) to promote their accessible tourism guides and all the inclusive places, sports and activities that the region has to offer for travelers with a disability.

The importance of partnerships

PromoTurismoFVG has been working for some years already with the support and advisory of the Regional Disability Associations Consultation Organisation (Consulta Regionale delle Associazioni delle persone con disabilità e le loro famiglie) to map the inclusive resources on various themes: from wine tourism to the rich archeological heritage.
The newly published guide Friuli Venezia Giulia: A region for everyone (available in multiple languages) is a fundamental addition to the already rich library of Turismo FVG guides – and a great resource to plan a holiday for travelers with specific needs. In the occasion of the Barcolana regatta, this year with the theme “Together”, PromoTurismoFVG took their inclusive communication strategy to the next level with a communication campaign featuring the influencer Giulia Lamarca.

Cover of a magazine style image: Giulia is on her wheelchair aboard a sailing boat, smiling, and the blue sea in the background
From Giulia”s website, My Travels The Hard Truth

This campaign was the result of many collaborations: Destination Everywhere supported Turismo FVG organize the campaign, by identifying the perfect match to spread the word about what the region has to offer, Giulia Lamarca, psychologist and travel blogger from Turin, who has been traveling around the world in her wheelchair and talks about her travel and life in her website My Travels the Hard Truth and her Instagram profile.

On board with Giulia Lamarca

Giulia is 28 years old and a seasoned traveler: she is making a difference everyday by openly talking on Instagram about her life, the ups and the downs of being a woman and a wheelchair user, while at the same time encouraging people to go out and see the world. A sports fan, she has been going out there to try out a number of adaptive sports. Last summer she trained in adaptive wakeboard and she came to the Friuli Venezia Giulia trip with friend and adaptive wakeboard world champion Emanuele “Meme” Pagnini, also from Italy. In Friuli Venezia Giulia the plan was to try out sailing. Want to know how it went? Read all about it in her website.

On board the accessible sailing boat “JustMan”

The other fundamental collaboration was between PromoTurismoFVG and the non-profit association Dis-Equality, created by Berti Bruss, a Trieste born and bred sailing lover and sports commentator. Berti, in collaboration with the Lega Navale of Trieste, has set up a program to take out on sailing boats people of all abilities since 2018. During the annual event of the Barcolana, one of Italy’s most spectacular regattas, which takes place in October in the Gulf of Trieste, Berti had already launched in 2018 an inclusive sailing group, with around 50 participants with different abilities taking part.

Taking communication to the next level: inclusive social media

A fundamental part of the project was the training: Destination Everywhere created for PromoTurismoFVG two custom webinars, one for their team and one for the local travel companies (hotels, sports associations, the zoo, natural parks) and museums. 

The two webinars were focused on how to successfully reach the public who has a disability using social media, in order to let them know that your company or organisation is a) inclusive  and b) has accessible  features.
The two webinars took place at the end of October and with over 70 participants between the two editions, we were super happy to receive some very good reviews and also some good tips for future editions from the participants’ post-event survey.

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