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Become an inclusion champion

If you work in the travel and hospitality sector, chances are that in your professional life you will have customers of all abilities, meaning that some of them may have a temporary or permanent, visible or invisible disability.  Your guests and customers will expect your services to be open and adapted to them, and to receive excellent customer service suited to their specific needs.

How can you make sure you are ready to welcome every customer? 

A wide number of manuals and entire online courses have been produced in the past years on accessible tourism.

These courses and manuals have a number of benefits:

  • they allow you to learn at your own pace at home;
  • they are reliable and professional, since they have been written by accessibility experts from all over the world;
  • they are available for free;
  • they allow you to widen your skill set and cater for a larger number of customers.

These resources are available to you for free and we have chosen the best ones available in various languages for you. 

Accessible Travel and Destination Management

logo of the newscat project with many colorful faces of people interconnected by lines


From the NEWSCAT European project (ERASMUS+) a free online course on training for accessible tourism operators of various sectors was created. You need to register for the platform “Disability Leaders of Tomorrow” (free) and then select the NEWSCAT Online training.

The course covers all sectors and is useful if you work in a restaurant, in a hotel, in a seaside or other resort, are a tourism entrepreneur, want to start your own business in tourism, are a student of tourism management or hospitality and/or you work for a tourist board, or in a local tourist destination management organisation.

logo elevator project with one human shape in the middle of various circles


The EU project ELEVATOR produced a number of very good manuals, free to download, which include training for tourist guides, and training resources for visitors, industry professionals and policymakers. Available in ENG/ITA/CZ/GR/SLO.


Visit England

The British Tourism Board had created a series of great manuals on how to enhance the inclusiveness of a destination, be it a heritage site, a hotel, a spa or a restaurant, you will find useful tips to attract more customers. Includes how to improve your website, how to audit your activity or service and how to involve disabled people in the process. More inclusive, more fun, better results. Available in ENG

a family out for a stroll with a little girl with Downs syndrom in the middle and two ladies on her two sides

Visit Scotland

A rich catalogue of publications for tourism professionals that covers everything, from how to cater for visitors with dementia, to how to showcase your business’ inclusive features. Curated by the accessibility team of Visit Scotland. Available in ENG.

TAD – The Ability Advisor

TAD is the acronym for “The Ability Advisor” a course to prepare consultants in accessible tourism; making tourism accessible for all visitors, including those with disabilities or specific access requirements. Available in: ENG/ITA/LIT/POR

Scandic Hotels

From Scandic Hotels, pioneers of accessibility in the hotel sector, a free online easy to follow training with nice videos to illustrate how to, for example, serve a blind guest in the restaurant.

Accessibility resources in Spanish

Spanish accessibility experts Fundacion Once and PREDIF have set up a wide number of trainings in Spanish language. From welcoming disabled customers to automatic transcripts, you will find many useful courses, some free some paying, and a number of free webinars too.


A complete platform for accessibility trends and trainings

Complete with a calendar of online events (also in English language), Accesibilitas is the online training plaform on all things accessible of Fundacion Once. It includes a large amount of manuals, regulation, and best practices to learn from. They are always very up to date and have a lot of technology related content too.

If you know Spanish, this is a resource you cannot miss.



Online courses in Spanish and English

PREDIF (Plataforma Representativa Estatal de Personas con Discapacidad Física) has a full online platform including a number of trainings for public institutions and individuals. Some courses are carried out in collaboration with Fundacion ONCE and are available in Spanish and English.





Accessible Tourism

Full online training from Predif

Covering all aspects of accessibility in tourism and hospitality, this online course in Spanish is a very useful resource and has a moderate pricing of 400 EUR (150 EUR for the organisations affiliated with Predif).





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