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Pros of inclusive tourism

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What is inclusive tourism?

Whether your work for a tourism organisation or a tourism company, whether you provide a service or a full packaged holiday to your customers, the importance of making this service, this region, this package available and enjoyable by all is crucial. Unsure how? We can help with that.

Tourism boards and DMOs

Want to showcase your accessible and inclusive region?

Sometimes institutional communication fails to represent people with different abilities. We can help you with creating truly inclusive and technically accessible content for your campaigns.

Online trainings

Learning to open your services and tours and destinations for travellers of all abilities is possible! Contact us to learn how you can, and consult our website dedicated entirely to accessibility trainings for the tourism sector.

mosaic composition of various people connected on videoconference

Group photo in Covid-19 times: just some of the faces of the many specialised tour operators and travel agencies whose expertise we can link you with. Don’t improvise accessible travel packages, ask the pros.

Travel Agencies

Not sure how to cater for travellers with different abilities?

If you are a travel professional that is not trained in accessible tourism, it can be difficult and frustrating to create an itinerary or adapt a packaged holiday for a person or party with a disability. But this is not necessary: there are specialists for this, and we can help you to become “inclusion-ready”.

Accessibility is being able to get in the building.
Diversity is being invited to the table.
Inclusion is having a voice at the table.
Belonging is having your voice heard at the table.

Anne of decalage association explaining accessible hotels to 4 people in a training who are sitting in wheelchairs

Association Décalage

Speaking of accessible travel professionals, the photo in the header is of one of the many activities of Brussels based non-profit association Décalage. They are experts in the organisation of adventure trips and in making difficult places accessible for their tours all around the world. 

Want to know more about their activities? Visit their website!