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Sign Language Tours

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, we have a suggestion for your next holiday: why not meet some locals who know your language and discover places and activities you would otherwise perhaps never find?

Drop us a message using the form on this page or send us an email and tell us your next destination. We can offer you a tailored service and find for you a guide that knows your sign language or International Sign Language, and you can choose between a series of day or half-day tours or fun activities that are available in each destination.

PS- we can send you also plenty of information about free SL tours available, or give you smart tips about those museums or attractions that have the SL tour option. One very good example is the very active and lively BOZAR Museum in Brussels, Belgium: in the photo in the header of this page, courtesy of Bozar, you can see two of their SL guides!

More info on their SL tours at this link.

We can also provide Sign Language guides or interpreters for the tours you will find in this website: drop us a message using the chat or the contact form and we will organise your most fun holiday ever.

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