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a group of surfers with mixed abilities powing at the beach with surf boards on the back
Home » wheelchair The surf school Special Surf 78 is a consolidated surf school, well known and respected in Peniche, Portugal, for the high quality of their work and for their adaptive surf experience.  The school was created and is managed by the two brothers Edgar and Nuno, local surfers born and raised in Peniche. They are Phisical Education teachers...
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Home » wheelchair Munich is a city of which the locals are very, very proud. Whether you speak to those who were born here, or the many who have been “adopted” by the rich capital of Bavaria, it is a general chorus of all-wonderful things about the quality of life, and also the quality of...
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Home » wheelchair Sailing is one of the best adaptive activities you can imagine, and for those who practice it already it is usually a real passion – or an obsession, you but a great one! Such a strong passion that the need to share it is… explosive! Meet the people who make it possible for...
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