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The Company

Why Destination Everywhere?

The company started in 2017 in Brussels, Belgium, with the idea that people with a disability need clear and easy access to information in order to plan their travels and holidays. We saw so much offer of inclusive and fun holidays, but it was not reaching those who could potentially enjoy them. For this reason we started to get in touch with specialised tour operators from all over the world to spread the word about their tours: these are our partners, they organise the tours you will find in our website.

The partners

All around the world a bunch of crazy people have been creating holidays and tours that are adapted for people of all abilities. Most of our partners are local tour operators that know their area and that know about accessibility. They also work regularly with local organisations, companies and hotels, teaching them how to make their spaces and services more accessible and their staff more disabled-friendly. Spreading the word out there that, like our accessibility expert friend Roberto Vitali always says,  a customer with a disability is… a customer. We want you to know what is out there, give you information so that you can decide if a tour or activity is suited for you, and most of all we want you to feel safe that you are booking a holiday with a trusted company that knows your needs and can guarantee the safety and the fun.

The giraffe?

The giraffe logo is the creation of Blaz Kemperle, brilliant graphic designer from Trieste, who also happens to be a big animal lover (especially big black dogs). Blaz conceived this giraffe with legs that form a geographic pin symbol, and the wheel of a wheelchair at the same time.
The logo puts together all the essence of Destination Everywhere, but without the invasive wheelchair logo that we all felt was a bit too much – and too little at the same time, as we find holidays that are for people with various needs, in addition to those using a wheelchair.


The team

Eleonora Censorii

Founder and Director

Marco Canali


Thomas Ardui

Destination Scout & Greeter

Décalage Asbl

Décalage (which means jet lag, or timezone, or simply “shift”) is a Brussels based non-profit association that organises activities in town and adventurous trips all over the world for it’s members, who are wheelchair users and their family and friends.

Their specialty is to make places that are not accessible… accessible for the time that they are there. Nothing is too extreme, from camping out in the wild to climbing up and down tibetan temples, when they travel, they do it for real.

Décalage hosts our operative office since 2018, and we collaborate also on some tours and accessibility training projects. If you want to travel with Décalage, check out their website!